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Thank God, Share Jesus, Help Others.

Sharing Jesus With Everyone

Calvary Kids

In a variety of educational experiences and just plain fun, our children are learning the fundamentals of faith and building a spiritual foundation that will serve them throughout their lives.

Calvary Youth

Calvary's energetic youth are growing their faith in worship, service, education, and Spirit-filled fun and fellowship! Youth need not be members to participate in Calvary's youth programs. Come and see.


The Fishermen are growing the church by ministry to and through men in fellowship activities, social events, education opportunities and service projects.


Calvary's women encourage spiritual growth and offer opportunities for extending Christian love and concern locally, nationally and globally.

Discover More

Table for 8 Challenge! The Calvary Fun Committee challenges you to invite 3 other couples or 6 other people from Calvary that you don’t know well to your house for supper, an opportunity to build relationships and have a little fun! The second step is to then challenge those people to do the same the next month. Be sure to take a picture of your event and get it to the church office or Kim Jordahl at We will publish these images and keep track of how many Tables for 8 were filled! By hosting one Table of 8 event, you have the opportunity to build 48 new friendships within our church, so get your list together and set your date!

It's All About The Welcome! Come join a new group called the Hospitality Team to brainstorm how we as a congregation can be more welcoming to all who walk through our doors. We need members of all ages to give us fresh perspectives on how we can do a better job of extending that warm hand of friendship as believers in Jesus Christ. Won’t you join us? Please contact Jean Hallberg, Evangelism Chair, at 346-6518.

Evangelism involves a message and a messenger. The message is Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. The messenger may be an individual sharing his or her faith, inviting a friend to worship, or praying with someone in need...or it may be an entire congregation united in its efforts to share the good news through various educational programs, social ministries, community outreach, broadcast ministry, unique worship services, and many other ways.

Christian education is at the very heart of the church. In the educational process the Spirit of God encounters people of all ages so that they are nurtured in faith, grow in knowledge and experience, and are inspired and empowered to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. This call to discipleship compels us to share our faith and serve others in the home, the community, and in God’s world.

Thank God
Share Jesus
Help Others